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Introducing Line Range Filtering in Rails 7.1 Testing

Aug 14, 2023
Rails 7.1 introduces line range filtering for running specific tests within a test file based on line numbers.
Next JS + Tailwind + Typescript

How to configure a Next.js app with TypeScript and Tailwind CSS?

Feb 3, 2022
A step-by-step guide on how to build a Next.js application with Typescript and Tailwind CSS.
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Rails 7 added --css app generator

Nov 17, 2021
Rails 7 added --css app generator for configuring CSS processors.
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Rails 7 replaced byebug with ruby/debug

Sep 29, 2021
Rails 7 removed byebug from their default debugger and replaced it with ruby/debug.
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Ruby 3.1 allows value omission in hash literals

Sep 28, 2021
Ruby 3.1 adds the ability to use hash literals without having a value.
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